What do your classes cost?

NGHBC classes cost an average of $6-$9 per class.

This average includes tuition and all required fees, but not optional fees or discounts. The more classes a student takes, the lower the cost per class because fees are applied per student or family, not per class.

We work hard to keep our program affordable without sacrificing quality, and we never want a child to miss out on music because of money. Available discounts include a referral discount, an early bird registration rate, and a family cap. We also offer need-based scholarships (conditions apply) and payment plans. Contact for more details.

Are there uniforms?

Preschool and Prep Classes

There are no uniforms for Foundation or Preparatory Classes.  In the event of a public performance, simple dress expectations will be provided by the teacher, which may include the annual t-shirt.

Strings and Choir

Uniforms are furnished by NGHBC. A uniform fee is charged for the use of the uniform. For complete details on concert attire, please see the handbook.


What volunteer jobs are available? 

NGHBC has a wide variety of volunteer jobs. Some last only one day and are event specific (like helping with the parade, or fundraising, concert setup, etc.). Some can be done from home at your convenience (uploading music, website, public relations, etc.).  Some jobs are ongoing, occurring weekly on class days (set up, breakdown, monitors, pass-offs, etc.)  Many of the class day jobs can be done with other children in your family helping out. We will assign you a job(s), while doing our best to take into account your abilities, preferences, and schedule.

Here are sample jobs:

  • Set up/re-set classrooms — arrange tables, chairs, musical equipment, etc.

  • Clean-up crew (We need to leave the church building in better shape than we found it!)

  • Information table staff — answer questions, collect money, distribute info, collect forms, keep records

  • Concession stand — run, purchase items

  • Uniforms — hemming, fitting, washing, checker

  • Newsletter, year book, photographers

  • Fundraising Team

  • Monitors — halls, classrooms, pass-offs, playground

  • Accompanists

  • Social media, website

  • Concert receptions — food, set ups, serving; setup & reset, programs, cleaning, sound technicians

  • Keep teachers' kids

What is your refund policy?

We commit to pay our teachers for an entire year and set our annual budget based on enrollment. When you sign up for classes you are committing to pay tuition for the entire year. Tuition and most fees are non-refundable. However, in the case of serious illness, death, unemployment, or a move of more than 50 miles away, the portion of tuition for which a student has not yet attended classes may be refunded with board approval.

What if I don’t see my question here?

Please read our handbook. It contains in depth information on many topics. If your question is not answered in the handbook please email us at: