Who are we and what do we believe?

North Georgia Homeschool Band & Choir (NGHBC) is a Christian, non-profit organization founded in 2007 and overseen by a volunteer board of directors.  NGHBC is dedicated to offering high quality, music education to homeschool families at an affordable cost.   Our classes are open to all homeschooled children, preschool through high school, and their parents. 

Our program encourages musical literacy and appreciation.  Quality instrumental and choral literature from all styles and periods form the foundation for musical learning. 

With an emphasis on making music together in a large group setting, musical understanding and artistic expression will be nurtured in each class and concert.

We are committed to glorifying God and desire to nurture the true joy of music in each child who joins our organization 

Our  Mission:

Working together to provide a quality, well-rounded music education to homeschooled students and their families in our community

Our Vision:

Creating a Community of Musicians that Spans Generations

Our Values:

We are devoted to the process of making quality music, and also strive to make a difference in the lives of young people in our area.

NGHBC desires:

  • To worship and serve God with our talents and abilities

  • To create a musical family within our local homeschool community

  • To promote self-worth and self-respect in all NGHBC members

  • To encourage personal and social growth in each individual child

  • To teach young people to be musically literate (able to read music at various ability levels)

  • To attain a high level of excellence in performance

  • To contribute to the cultural life of the North Georgia area



Fees, tuition, and how much does it cost?

The cost for students can vary greatly depending on what classes they take and what optional fees are paid.  We hope this information helps you plan for the coming year.    If you have questions regarding pricing please contact our

Due Dates

  • Registration Fees are due with enrollment.  Enrollment is not official until the Registration Fee is received.  Checks for online registration must be postmarked within 5 days of form submittal.

  • Facility Fees, Uniform Fees, and the optional Volunteer Opt Out Fees are due on the first day of class.

  • Fund Raiser Opt Out Fees are due by the first day of class in October.

  • Tuition may be paid in full or in two installments, due by the first day of class in August and January. 

  • If any of the above due dates creates a hardship please contact the treasurer to make alternate payment arrangements.

  • Instrument Rental Deposit and Fees are due at the time of rental.  NGHBC will not hold an instrument without a deposit.  Instrument Deposits will be refunded once the instrument has been returned to NGHBC in good playing condition.  In the event of an outstanding balance, the deposit will first be applied toward that balance, then any remainder will be refunded.


·           NGHBC accepts cash, checks, and money orders.

·           Checks should be made payable to NGHBC.

·           Payments may be made directly to the treasurer on Fridays or mailed to NGHBC PO Box 1441 Jasper, GA 30143.

2018 – 2019  Tuition and Fees

NGHBC class costs average between $6 and $9 per class.

This average includes tuition and all required fees, but not optional fees or discounts.  The more classes a student takes the lower the cost per class because fees are applied per student or family not per class.    

We work hard to keep our program affordable without sacrificing quality, and we never want a child to miss out on music because of money.  Available discounts include a referral discount of $20 per family (referred and referring), an Early Bird registration rate, and a Family Cap which is currently set at $900 Regular/ $800 Early Bird.

The chart below outlines Fees and Tuition costs for the 2018 – 2019 Season.  For more information regarding due dates, payments, and fees please read the “Fees & Tuition” section of our handbook.  

Family Fees *                                                          Student Fees *
Facility Fee $30 (required)                                   Registration  $65 Early Bird (thru 6/1) 
                                                                                                         $75 Regular
Non-Volunteer Fee $150 (optional)                    Uniform Fee $30
 Fund Raiser Opt Out Fee $100 (optional)             (Band and Choir students only)

                                                                                  Instrument Rental (if desired and if available) $90 (plus $100 refundable deposit) 

    *There is a Family Cap. Email for further questions

Class                                                   Tuition   

Tuneful Tots                                       $85

Mini Musicians                                  $100

Prep Program                                    $140

Treble Choir                                       $140

Concert Choir                                     $140

Chorale                                                  $60

Beginner Band                                    $120

Intermediate Band                             $130

Advanced Band                                  $140

What are the age requirements?


Students should be of class age by August 1st.  However, we know that age doesn't always match up with ability, so we've allowed a "Grace Period" (AKA wiggle room) for age cut offs.  If a child will turn the required class age by October 1, a parent may choose to enroll the child in that class.  But if the child is unable to succeed, either musically or behaviorally, the teacher has the authority to place him in the younger class.

* Two-year-olds in Tuneful Tots must be enrolled jointly with a parent (or other adult) who will attend class and participate with the student.  Because the structure of the class requires the participation and attention of the parent, other siblings who are not enrolled in Tuneful Tots may not attend classes.

*A 9-year-old student may enter Beginner Band and/or Treble Choir based on an audition and provided he has participated in the Prep Program for 2 years.  Classroom behavior and attendance while in Prep Class will also be taken into consideration. Additionally, if  the child is unable to succeed, either musically or behaviorally, the teacher has the authority to place him in the younger class.


What are practice requirements?


Foundation Classes

Tuneful Tots and Mini Musicians -- There are no practice requirements for this class.  Students may be asked to bring a specific item for certain class sessions. 

Preparatory Program -- Students will be asked to practice their recorder 10-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  Recorder students are also required to pass off material during the course of the semester.

Choir -- All songs and music must be memorized prior to each performance.  The teacher will provide deadlines for each song to be learned. Sight reading examples may also be sent home for practice on occasion.  There is not a regular weekly practice regime for singers, but occasional assignments may be given.

Band – Students will have assignments they should practice.  This includes scales, etudes, band music, and exercises that will need to be worked on at home. There are 3 levels of band.

The following is a list of the minimum required practice times:

  • Beginner Band (first semester): 15 minutes per day; 5 days a week -- 75 minutes total

  • Beginner Band (second semester): 20 minutes per day; 5 days per week --100 minutes total

  • Intermediate Band: 25 minutes per day; 5 days per week -- 125 minutes total

  • Advanced Band: 30 minutes per day; 5 days per week -- 150 minutes total

These are the required minimum times for practice records. 

Playing an instrument is a physical activity that requires daily practice to build endurance. Practice minutes are to be recorded as directed by the teacher. As students prepare for special events, these times will by necessity increase. Band students are also required to pass off material during the course of the semester.

Are there uniforms?


Foundation Classes

There are no uniforms for Tuneful Tots, Mini Musicians, or the Preparatory Program.  In the event of a public performance, simple dress expectations will be provided by the teacher, which may include the annual t-shirt. Since the annual t-shirt is sometimes used for performances, please take good of the shirt until the year is over. (i.e, no eating messy food in it, painting in it, etc.)

Band and Choir

Band and Choir Concert Attire is as follows:

  • Uniforms are the property of NGHBC.  They will be issued in the fall, and will be inspected within a few weeks of their return after the spring concert.  Families will be required to pay to replacement cost of damaged uniforms.   

  • Uniform is based on the sex of student – ladies will wear dresses and gentlemen will wear pants.

  • Black socks/black tights

  • Black closed-toe shoes – Shoes should be solid black without buckles or other adornment.  If you have any doubt, please show them to the teacher.

  • Hair should be pulled away from face and not in eyes.  Please use neutral hair bands or clips.  No hair bows or colored items may be worn in hair. Hair should be a natural color and not distract from the musical performance.  Hats may not be worn.

  • Girls may wear small, inconspicuous earrings.  No other jewelry or accessories may be worn unless provided to the entire group by the teacher.

  • Refrain from using perfume, cologne, scented hairspray, and lotions in rehearsals and performances.

  • All students must be dressed in appropriate performance attire in order to perform.

  • NO CELL PHONES in pockets & NO GUM in mouth allowed during performances!!



What volunteer jobs are available?


NGHBC has a wide variety of volunteer jobs. Some last only one day and are event specific (like helping with the parade, or fundraising, concert set-up, etc.) Some can be done from home at your convenience (uploading music, website, public relations, etc.)  Some jobs are ongoing, occurring weekly on class days (set-up, breakdown, monitors, pass-offs, etc.)  Many of the class day jobs can be done with other children in your family helping out. 

Here are sample jobs:

  • Setup/re-set classrooms, arrange tables, chairs, musical equipment, etc.

  • Clean up crew (We need to leave the church building in better shape than we found it!)

  • Information table staff-answer questions, collect money, distribute info, collect forms, keep records

  • Concession stand-run, purchase items

  • Uniforms-hemming, fitting, washing, checker

  • Newsletter, year book, photographers

  • Fundraising Team

  • Monitors-halls, classrooms, pass-offs, playground

  • Accompanists

  • Social media, website

  • Concert receptions-food, set ups, serving; setup & reset, programs, cleaning, sound technicians

  • Keep teachers' kids

Basically, if you can name it, we need a volunteer to help with it!

May I make a tax-deductible donation to NGHBC?


Mail a check to:
North Georgia Homeschool Band & Choir
P.O. Box 1441
Jasper, GA 30143

We will send a receipt for your tax records.

For more information, e-mail

Are North Georgia Homeschool music programs

Christian based?

Yes, they are.  The values we expect from our students are certainly Judeo-Christian in origin: honesty, truthfulness, diligence, kindness, modesty, punctuality, courtesy, and respect. However, we have had students of all faiths, and even no faith, enrolled in our program. Each student is welcome, but you need to know where we stand. Some Christian/sacred music is played at each concert, in addition to other secular or classic music.

What is your refund policy?

We commit to pay our teachers for an entire year and set our annual budget based on enrollment.  When you sign up for classes you are committing to pay tuition for the entire year.  Tuition and most fees are non-refundable, with few exceptions. 

  • Registration Fees are non-refundable.

  • Uniform Fees are non-refundable after the uniform fitting.

  • Volunteer Opt Out Fees are non-refundable.

  • Fund Raiser Opt Out Fees are non- refundable.

  • In the case of serious illness, death, unemployment, or a move of more than 50 miles away, the portion of tuition for which a student has not yet attended classes may be refunded with board approval.