McKenzi Fenn


Mrs. Fenn has a masters in Music Education from Anderson University and a Bachelor's Degree in P-12 Music Education with an emphasis in elementary and choral teaching. Mrs. Fenn is certified in First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege. She has experience in public school settings as well as homeschool choirs, and has founded and directed community children's choirs.  Choirs under her leadership consistently received Superior and Excellent ratings in both ensemble & sight reading assessments at LGPE. Mrs. Fenn is dedicated to nurturing children to love music and be lifelong patrons of the arts. 

Mrs. Fenn teaches the Treble Choir, Concert Choir and Chorale, as well as Foundation Classes.

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Jackie Gray


Hannah Dubuc


Mary Ada Kidd


Jackie Gray graduated from West Georgia College  with a degree in Piano Performance/Pedagogy and is certified in First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege.   She has been involved in church music since high school, and has been the pianist and praise team leader in multiple churches.  She has homeschooled her four children, three of whom are currently in college. 

Mrs. Gray teaches the ukulele portion of the Prep Classes and Foundation Classes.


 Hannah Dubuc graduated with a B.A. in Music from Thomas Edison State University.  Her primary performance instruments are piano and violin.  Currently she runs a private music studio, offering lessons to students in Cherokee County, and is a member of the Music Teacher’s National Association.  Hannah has been actively involved in serving churches for 14 years with piano, violin, and voice.  She has played for Reinhardt’s Symphony Orchestra, and is now performing with First Baptist Atlanta’s Orchestra.  She is also certified in Conversational Solfege.

Miss Dubuc teaches Strings and Foundation Classes.

Mary Ada Kidd graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Dayton, OH and holds a Master’s in Education Leadership. She has taught band for 16 years and elementary music for 17 years, earning numerous awards. She also holds a Level 1 Orff certification.

Mrs. Kidd desires be an inspiring and integral part of helping fellow educators and their students joyfully reach their full potential.

Mrs. Kidd teaches Combined Prep and Recorder.