Foundation Classes

There are no practice requirements for these classes.

Preparatory Classes

Students will be asked to practice their recorder or ukulele 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  Strings practice requirements will be noticeably more.

Choir Classes

All songs and music must be memorized prior to each performance. The teacher will provide deadlines for each song to be learned. Sight reading examples may also be sent home for practice on occasion. There is not a regular weekly practice regime for singers, but occasional assignments may be given.

Band Classes

Playing an instrument is a physical activity that requires daily practice to build endurance. Practice minutes are to be recorded as directed by the teacher. As students prepare for special events, these times will by necessity increase. Band students are also required to pass off material during the course of the semester.

Band – Students will have assignments they should practice.  This includes scales, etudes, band music, and exercises that will need to be worked on at home. There are 3 levels of band.

The following is a list of the minimum required practice times:

  • Beginner Band (first semester): 15 minutes per day; 5 days a week -- 75 minutes total

  • Beginner Band (second semester): 20 minutes per day; 5 days per week --100 minutes total

  • Intermediate Band: 25 minutes per day; 5 days per week -- 125 minutes total

  • Advanced Band: 30 minutes per day; 5 days per week -- 150 minutes total

Strings — Students will have assignments they should practice. Practice time will be assigned by Miss Dubuc.