Tuneful Tots and Mini-Musicians are NOW taught on Thursdays.

Class members will have the opportunity to showcase their skills during a special performance at the end of the spring semester.

The primary goal for students in our Foundations Classes is to experience music and LOVE it! With a main emphasis on matching pitch and maintaining the steady beat, students will sing, play, dance, move and make music together.  Mrs. Fenn combines the approaches of both Kodály and Orff, and implements the First Steps in Music methodology of John Feierabend.  We hope all students leave these classes as "beat-ful, tune-ful, and art-ful." 

Tuneful Tots (ages 3-4) $85

Mini-Musicians (ages 5-6) $100

Preparatory Program (ages 7-9) $140

The Prep Program continues exploring the Foundations introduced in the early years, but adds more advanced age-appropriate vocal training and an introduction to music reading as well as experience with playing the recorder and other instruments. Although the classes build on each other, there are no prerequisites to enter these classes.  Students without prior recorder experience will be entered into Prep 1, while students who have experience on that instrument will be enrolled into Prep 2. 



3 levels of instruction are offered on Fridays only


Our intermediate and advanced students perform in two concerts per year to give them opportunities to honor God with the talents He has given them as they share what they've learned with our community.  Beginner band students will perform in the spring. 

Beginner Band (Ages 10-18 yrs) $120

No prerequisites or experience necessary (except that percussionists must have 1 year of musical experience on piano or another instrument at the discretion of the director.)


Intermediate Band (Ages 10-18 yrs) $130

Requires at least one year of beginning band comparable experience (at the discretion of the director).   The standard course of study for Intermediate Band is two years. 


Advanced Band (Ages 10-18 yrs) $140

Placement is by audition and requires at least two years of Intermediate Band or comparable experience (at the discretion of the director). 

Audition requirements include: 

Scales: Concert F, B, Eb, Ab

Chromatic scale (the full range of your instrument)

Musical selections from EE Book 2

(Note: For families new to the program a comparable musical selection of the student's choice will be accepted for the audition instead of EE book 2 selections)



instruction offered on Fridays only

Our students perform in two concerts per year to give them opportunities to honor God with the talents He has given them as they share what they've learned with our community.

Our Choral Program offers a learning environment designed to provide a fulfilling and rewarding musical experience for each member. After spending time in our program, we hope members walk away from our organization with a rich love for singing and a deep appreciation for the art of choral music. Additionally, we want young singers to gain solid vocal training, develop music literacy skills, and grow in their understanding of musical concepts. The singers will meet these objectives by performing a wide variety of music from contrasting time periods and varying levels of difficulty.  

In addition to our fall and spring concerts, our ensembles have opportunities throughout the year to sing in the community.  For the past four years,  our Concert Choir has been the feature ensemble at the Toys for Tots kick-off celebration at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta.   We have also participated with the North Georgia Winds in their Spring "Across the Big Pond" performance, sang at the Ball Ground Parade, and enjoyed sharing our song at Chick-fil-a for Spirit Night.

Singers age 10-12 compromise our Treble Choir, and those who are 13 years and older sing in our Concert Choir.  All singers (new & returning) must complete an annual vocal evaluation each fall with Mrs. Fenn.  This placement simply allows the conductor to become familiar with each child's voice and range, assess sight-reading and aural comprehension, and determine which vocal section within the ensemble is most appropriate.


Treble Choir (10-12 yrs old) $140


This is our beginning ensemble for novice singers.  In this class, we learn fundamentals for reading music and healthy vocal technique. 


Concert Choir (13-18 yrs old) $150

(Men's and Ladies' Choir)

Concert choir is comprised of older singers.  We focus on music literacy, singing with proper technique and working together as an ensemble.  This group rehearses in a variety of formats.  Men and Ladies may practice separately or together.  More details will be distributed at our Choir Kick-off in August.  For long-term planning purposes, families are asked to commit to the full 90 minutes each week.  Any variations to the schedule are communicated well in advance via Big Tent.