NGHBC Classes

Foundation Classes

These classes run for 12-week sessions (fall and spring) and are registered for separately. Age cut-offs are the first day of class of each session (August 16 and January 10).

Babies With Buddies (ages 0-2)

This class is for parents (or other special adults) and their little ones. We teach poems, songs, bounces, and wiggles that you can do together at home. We are a certified First Steps in Music Program, using their curriculum and philosophy: These classes bring “educational play…Rhymes, songs, and games bring our heritage to the youngest generation by connecting them to a rich repertoire of folk music while building their musical sensibilities, which can help in their appreciation and understanding of music later in life.”

Because a parent (or other special adult) is required to participate in this class with their child in a one-to-one relationship, other siblings are not allowed in the classroom.                       

Tuneful Tots (ages 3-4) and Mini-Musicians (ages 5-6)

The primary goal for students in our Tuneful Tots and Mini-Musicians Classes is to experience music and LOVE it! With a main emphasis on matching pitch and maintaining a steady beat, students will sing, play, dance, move, and make music together. We hope all students leave these classes as "beat-ful, tune-ful, and art-ful." These classes will share instruction for part of the time.

Preparatory Classes

These are year-long classes that consist of two portions - general music training (rhythm, singing, movement) and instrumentation. Prep classes lay the groundwork for a musical life - whether by participating in bands or choirs, or simply growing up able to sing lullabies and happy birthday to their children or clapping along to music. Age cut-off is August 1st.

Prep - Recorder (ages 7-9)

The recorder portion of the Prep class begins in January. In the fall, the entire focus is on the general music training, allowing the student to focus on listening, therefore progressing more quickly once the recorder is introduced (based on research in the book Endangered Minds).

There is no prerequisite for Prep-Recorder.

Prep - Ukulele (ages 8-9)

The ukulele portion of the Prep class begins in January. In the fall, the entire focus is on the general music training, allowing the student to focus on listening, therefore progressing more quickly once the ukulele is introduced (based on research in the book Endangered Minds).

Prep-recorder is a prerequisite for Prep-Ukulele.

Prep - Strings (ages 8-9)

Due to the nature of strings, the strings portion of the Prep class begins in the fall along with the general music training and runs the entire year.

There is no prerequisite for Prep-Strings.

Strings Classes (Violin Family - no guitar)

2019-2020 is our inaugural year for strings. Beginner string students will perform in the spring.  Age cut-off is August 1st.

Beginner Strings (ages 10+)

No prerequisites or experience necessary.

String Ensemble

This class is for students who have string experience. Audition only.

Choir Classes

Our Choral Program offers a learning environment designed to provide a fulfilling and rewarding musical experience for each member. After spending time in our program, we hope members walk away from our organization with a rich love for singing and a deep appreciation for the art of choral music. Additionally, we want young singers to gain solid vocal training, develop music literacy skills, and grow in their understanding of musical concepts. The singers will meet these objectives by performing a wide variety of music from contrasting time periods and varying levels of difficulty.  

In addition to our fall and spring concerts, our ensembles have opportunities throughout the year to sing in the community.  For the past 5 years,  our Concert Choir has been the featured ensemble at the Toys for Tots kick-off celebration at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta.   We have also participated with the North Georgia Winds in their Spring "Across the Big Pond" event, at the Ball Ground Parade, in the Northwest Georgia Choral Festival, taken a choir tour of Chattanooga, and they are the choir in a soon-to-be-released movie, Charlie’s Christmas Wish.

Singers age 10-12 comprise our Treble Choir, and those who are 13 years and older sing in our Concert Choir.  All singers (new & returning) must complete an annual vocal evaluation each fall with Mrs. Fenn.  This placement simply allows the conductor to become familiar with each child's voice and range, assess sight-reading and aural comprehension, and determine which vocal section within the ensemble is most appropriate.

Treble Choir (ages 10-12)

This is our ensemble for younger singers. In this class, we learn fundamentals for reading music and healthy vocal technique. 

Concert Choir (ages 13+) 

Concert choir is comprised of older singers.  We focus on music literacy, singing with proper technique, and working together as an ensemble.  This group rehearses in a variety of formats.  

Chorale (audition only): A small subset of Concert Choir, Chorale provides an opportunity to sing a more challenging repertoire.  To be selected for the chorale, singers must pass an audition that demonstrates their sight-reading ability, aural skills, and vocal maturity. Chorale may be offered at various times in the year based on the discretion of the teacher.


 We are sad to announce that we have cancelled band classes this year due to lack of enrollment.

*NGHBC reserves the right to close registration early, cancel classes, or restructure the classes based on student enrollment. If a class is canceled, all monies will be refunded. If a class is restructured, you will be given the option of a refund.